Why the over-sized comic?

Question: Why in the world are you running a double-size comic just because the cartoonist's ego insists on it? You certainly don't run the first two panels of the Sunday Doonesbury strip. We have to see those on the Web. Same with the award-nominated "Pearls Before Swine" and the daily "Get Fuzzy" (winner of this year's Reuben award for Best Comic). Why not have a survey of your readers' favorites (with suggestions for replacements) and then run them? We're certainly tired of "Family Circle" and "Garfield." And thanks for dumping "Piranha Club"! -- Lynn and Eric Walker, Ritzville

Answer: Well, it's clear we can't answer this question often enough for loyal comics readers. We felt "Opus" was good enough -- and would be popular enough -- to justify the contractual limitations which dictate its size on the page. I think it has proven to be everything we hoped. The positive buzz is terrific. Every comic has its fans and its detractors. The writers would like us to dump "Garfield" and "Family Circus." But if I did that, there are folks in town who'd want to run me out of town on a rail.

Frankly, there's no way to satisfy everyone. We just do our best to offer a wide variety of comics that might interest as many people as possible. -- Steve Smith, editor

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