Where's the staff directory?

Question: I was wondering why there isn't a list on your left side of your site for a list of your writing staff and their e-mail addresses. I thought maybe because of confidential, but then again at the end of the articles is the writers e-mail address. So why isn't there a list on the site for those who forgot to write down the e-mail address? -- Cis Gors, Kootenai, Idaho

Answer: What you want is just a couple of clicks away. Space on the cover page is precious real estate, so we can't list everything there. Near the bottom left is a link to "Contact us."
On that page is a link to "Newsroom staff directory." Once there, you can browse by department within the newsroom, or search for a specific staffer by their last name. -- Ken Sands, managing editor of online and new media

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