Why the Kucinich news blackout?

Question: Why is there a Kucinich news blackout? I am very concerned about the lack of coverage of the Kucinich campaign. I believe that it is the press’ responsibility to cover all the candidates. I am finding several articles in the news that mention every democratic candidate except Kucinich. Candidates that are not running at all any more are getting more press than Kucinich. Is this because Kucinich is the only candidate on record that voted against the attack on Iraq and wars help ratings? -- Krista Ranta, Redmond, Wash.

Answer: There is no such thing as a "news blackout" for anyone, especially not a presidential candidate. In fact, Kucinich was mentioned prominently in today's Spokesman-Review story by staff writer Jim Camden, who's traveling with the candidates in New Hampshire: "A drummer wearing a horned Viking helmet led supporters of Ohio Rep. Dennis Kucinich in a conga line into the chanting masses..."

The Spokesman-Review, like most media organizations, has from the very beginning of the Democratic campaign, attempted to treat all nine (now seven) legitimate candidates fairly. Frequently throughout the campaign, for example, we will summarize the positions of all candidates on significant issues.

The news of the day, however, often dictates that John Kerry, or Howard Dean, or Dick Gephardt will get the headlines. The challenge for the Kucinich campaign, then, would be to earn those headlines. In the current news climate, by the way, a strong anti-war stance might actually make him more likely, rather than less likely, to earn those headlines. -- Ken Sands, managing editor on online and new media

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