Why bash only Democrats?

Question: I want to convey my disgust with your decision to post video of Howard Dean on the S-R home page. As a regular viewer of the S-R Web site, this is the first time I ever recall you posting video on the site. Could you please tell me if you've ever done it before? And if so, what was it? I'd also like to know if you will post one of George W. Bush's more famous utterances on your site - or is this an honor you only reserve for the bashing of Democrats? -- Mike Kress, Spokane

Answer: You raise an interesting point. Here's why we did it: newspaper readers who had not seen the video (this includes me, personally) had no way to judge whether the speech was a big deal or was blown out of proportion. I, personally, heard people say the speech made Dean "unelectable" and that "he's toast."

So we borrowed a video of the speech from KHQ-TV so that our readers can simply judge for themselves. This seems like a perfectly legitimate use of video on our Web site. And we would do it again in any similar circumstance when the printed word just does not convey the crucial information to allow people to make up their own minds about an important issue. -- Ken Sands, managing editor of online and new media

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