Carrier gives 'darn good service'

Comment: After being battered from pillar to post, week after week I have a compliment. (surprise, surprise). We live 90+ miles, 2 hours west, of Spokane. Virtually every morning we have "the Good Paper" on our doorstep between 6-7 a.m. except when the delivery vehicle breaks down. I think that's darn good service. -- Reg Morgan Coulee Dam

Answer: What a wonderful message to receive on a Friday morning. We'll be sure to pass Mr. Morgan's service compliment along to our circulation department. Spokesman-Review news staffers are genuinely impressed by the hard work and dedication of our circulation staff and delivery teams. Getting more than 100,000 papers into the right hands, on time, every morning (119,000 Saturdays, 132,000 Sundays) is an enormous logistical challenge.

Success begins with a newsroom that consistently meets its production deadlines, continues with a press and distribution team that gets the papers off the presses with amazing efficiency and ends with dedicated drivers and delivery crews who don't let bad weather get in their way. It's a daily miracle, or at least that's how we view it from inside the newspaper. -- Steve Smith, editor

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