My press release was ignored

Question: I work for a small non-profit organization. We provide permanent housing for chronically mentally ill (CMI) folks capable of semi-independent living who were homeless at the time they came into our program. We recently received an operating and maintenance grant from the State of Washington for $6,000 for the next 40 years. We were one of only two organizations on the east side of the state to get an award. The state sent out a press release and I submitted a press release and, to the best of my knowledge it was ignored.

What do small groups need to do to get some coverage in the paper? I cannot say we have never received coverage - we did get about two paragraphs recently when we had a fire that damaged seven of the nine units at our apartment house. We are still trying to recover financially from the fire. It was my hope that the press release would help us find some other folks who would like to help us. If you are doing good things in the community, how do you get support from the S-R? -- Larry Griffith, Executive Director Salem Arms, Spokane

Answer: We receive literally hundreds of press releases each week from a variety of sources and organizations, so it is very difficult for us to read and publish every piece of information we receive in the normal course of business. Frankly, given the volume of press releases we receive in the mail, by fax or email, it is quite possible that yours was simply lost in the shuffle. If you would like to send me a copy of it, I'll be happy to ask our editors to consider it for publication. If you like, you can send it via email to, or you can fax it to my attention at 459-5482. -- Gary Graham, managing editor

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