Is the paper liberal-leaning?

Question: With regard to your reply to Roy Tiefisher's letter asking that you be fair and balanced (not liberal): I'll accept your explanation as to why most of the editorial page cartoons tend to be liberal-leaning. And I agree that you have "a pretty good conservative-liberal balance with respect to columnists."

It was easy for you to disagree with his extreme assertion that your paper is going in a "far-left liberal direction," but do you disagree that the paper is liberal-leaning? You didn't answer his very relevant question--are any of your editors conservative?

I think Mr. Tiefisher's most valid complaint was with respect to the anti-conservative headlines that are used, and sometimes the articles don't even support the headlines! Do you write the headlines, or do they come from the liberal news sources that you cited in your reply? In either case, if S-R's goal truly is "to present a fair, accurate and comprehensive report on local, national and world events," you should be more careful about the slant that is given by the headlines. -- Dave Vasquez, Veradale

Answer: You raised several questions. I'll take the easy one first. Our staff writes all the headlines that appear in the paper. We have a team of copy editors and section editors whose skills are in editing stories for punctuation, grammar, style and accuracy. Those same copy editors also write the headlines.

I don't view our paper as "liberal leaning." I know that some of our editors are conservative, some are liberal and some are what would be considered middle-of-the-road. But honestly, we don't use someone's political views as a litmus test for employment or assignment in the newsroom. Our editorial page staff reflects a diversity of opinion and thought, as does the newsroom staff. -- Gary Graham, managing editor

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