Don't focus solely on body counts in Iraq

Question: It is laudable to honor our fallen troops with body counts. It would be just as laudable to honor the other 135,000 living, breathing troops doing tremendously good work in Iraq by covering more of what they do to bring stability to Iraq. It looks like printing just body counts on the front page means you're not willing to do the work of finding out what the whole picture is over there. This brings discredit upon the journalism profession. The media was enthusiastic about covering "Moses Lake doctor shipping out to gulf at age 62" back in March '03. You should go find him now that he's back and listen to his stories. And put it on the front page. -- Sue Frankovich, U.S. Navy Reserve Nurse Corps, Spokane

Answer: As I've said before, I think we've been fair in selecting wire and syndicate stories that accurately portray the range of issues and events in Iraq. Meanwhile, our armed forces continue to suffer losses, sometimes in bunches. Those stories will continue to make Page 1 in The Spokesman-Review as no service member's death should go unremarked or become so routine as to be relegated to the back of the paper. -- Steve Smith, editor

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