Whatever happens to lottery winners?

Suggestion: One of the stories I would like to see followed up is a couple of the mega-bucks lottery winners -- say a year or two later. I know this isn't anything The Spokesman-Review would ordinarily do unless there was a big winner in the area. I suspect it's not always roses and skittles, but I'd really like to know. I've never read about any winner choosing the full amount over a period of 20 years, which, I think is the wisest decision, but since I never
buy lottery tickets, I'll never know unless someone does a human interest
story some time. -- Joan Harris, Pullman

Answer: Thank you for your story suggestion. This is certainly an idea I'd be happy to discuss with other editors. It may be an idea for the City Desk, but it may also interest the Features Department. I agree with you that there is great interest in what happens to people who win lottery prizes. -- Carla Savalli, city editor

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