Are you open to submissions from local writers?

Question: I was wondering if the Spokesman-Review was open to local writers. I have a "story" (more like a tirade) that I'd like to pass on for you to look at. It's intended to be humorous and not so politically correct but thought you might enjoy it. -- Merri Kennedy, Spokane

Answer 1: We not only are open to local writers on the opinion pages, we're eager to hear from them. Besides the familiar letters to the editor feature, we frequently publish guest columns of up to about 850 words on the kind of public-policy concerns normally addressed on opinion pages. We prefer comment on local and regional issues. It's always best to obtain a copy of our guidelines, which are available by mail or e-mail. -- Doug Floyd, editorial page editor

Answer 2: We work with local freelance writers who have solid writing and reporting skills. Many of them were journalism majors in college and have newspaper experience, while others bring expertise in a particular area, such as classical music or gardening. We accept queries for feature stories that can appear on our various theme pages, such as Homes, Food and Families, as well as occasional general assignment features. -- Jamie Tobias Neely, features editor

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