Where's the park board coverage?

Question: Why has there been no mention of the recent Park and Recreation Board meeting concerning the potential softball complex near Joe Albi Stadium? It has been decided that the softball complex will have a beer and wine garden to help it pay for itself. In the "north option", this complex would be going in right next to a youth sports facility. This is usually something the paper would cover and I know there was a reporter there. Was this coverage stifled?

Why wouldn't The Spokesman-Review jump up and ask the question as to why we need an alcohol serving softball complex over doing something decent with that land, like converting it to full youth sports complex that could be used by more than just SYSA. I would think the paper would want to ask questions about this softball facility. People deserve to know exactly what is going into their local neighborhoods. -- Daniel Peck, Spokane

Answer: We have covered this issue in the Voices, the neighborhood specific sections that come with your Thursday paper. There will be a story on this topic in Thursday's North Voice, so be sure and look for it. I believe you're quoted in the story. A vote by the Park Board is expected next month and we'll plan to report on that, as well. -- Carla Savalli, city editor

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