Why not mention Spokane's standing?

Question: In Sunday's paper, you ran an AP article in the Region section titled, "Tacoma earns top spot as most stressed city." While this is true amongst the largest metropolitan areas, it is also true (and unmentioned) that Spokane didn't fare too well itself in the medium-sized metropolitan category. Is it more important to the Spokesman-Review and its readers to try to feel better about itself in relation to Tacoma, which has passed Spokane as the second-largest city, or is it more important to your readers to provide information about how its own city is doing in relation to the categories of unemployment rate, divorce rate, suicides, etc.? -- Gregory Delzer, Spokane

Answer: Our failure to give the proper local perspective to this story appears to be the result of an editing oversight. Here's what news editor Jim Kresse found when he traced what happened with this story:

"The Associated Press story we received Saturday night contained no information about Spokane. Later versions of the story, however, did include that information. I've informed Carla Savalli, the city editor, about this study and she's looking into the possibility of doing a local story on stressed cities." -- Ken Sands, managing editor of online and new media

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