What about that big traffic jam?

Question: It seems the S-R reporters have little contact with Washington and Idaho state patrol offices. On Jan. 7, during that cold snap, a car and a semi collided on I-90 at the Appleway interchange, about 5:30 pm. Traffic was backed up more than 12 miles, even though many cars took detours to Trent and other roads. It would seem that this would merit a few lines in your paper, but there wasn't a word about it.

Suggestion: In the 1970s, the S-R had a feature in the Sunday travel section of a local Sunday drive. It showed the mapped route, the mileage, a few sentences on what to see. They were drives of 40 to 200 miles or more. I thought it was an interesting and informative feature, especially for newcomers, which I was at that time. Now there is a new generation of readers who would appreciate it. -- Doris Gerhart, Spokane Valley

Answer 1: We do have contact with the state patrol officers, but on particularly bad days when the weather is causing a lot of accidents, their first priority is to deal with motorists, not the media. Also, with so many accidents last week, it wasn't possible for our reporters to be everywhere there was an accident, although we did our best. Although our goal is to reflect all of the events that happen in our community, it's not always possible due to staffing issues or because more important news takes precedence.

Answer 2: The Sunday Drives idea is a good one, and something we could certainly explore - if not in the Metro sections than perhaps in the Outdoors or Travel sections. -- Carla Savalli, city editor

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