Why the "own private Idaho" lingo?

Question: Why, with the improving quality of the S-R, do you continue to allow D.F. Oliveria to degrade what little space that is devoted to editorial commentary by writing in "his own private Idaho" lingo?

I used to be amazed when former editor Chris Peck could fill Sunday editorial space with strings of one-sentence paragraphs. Thank goodness this is no longer the case, but Oliveria's strange musings need to either be rewritten or removed from the editorial page.

I don't bother reading Doug Clark because his act is stale. OK, some people seem to find his antics amusing -- whatever. But you shouldn't be tainting the rest of your commentary by juxtaposing it with tater chat or whatever it is he calls it. Seems to me, if you set your reader's teeth on edge by your editorial stance, that's one thing. It's another thing to do it with editorial "style". -- B. McNeil, Spokane

Answer: D.F. Oliveria definitely has an individual style, which doesn't sit well with some readers. Others, however, love it, as reflected by the substantial reader feedback he receives. Unorthodox as it is, his Hot Potatoes column has been a finalist in national competition at least twice. Our main concern, however, is to provide a variety of content that will provide something to interest, inform and entertain as broad a base of readers as possible. --Doug Floyd, editorial page editor

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