Online ad classifications; hunting query

Questions: 1. Why isn't there a guide to the want ads listing the various categories (i.e., 481 wood for sale, or 529 hay, fed, seed) so you can quickly go to what you want to see?

2. A couple of months ago the paper solicited hunting stories from their readers. Were they ever published? -- Rich Hepworth, Spokane

Answer 1: Marlene Anderson, who directs advertising on, gave this response: "The first page of the online classifieds lists the major categories. Each category has sub-categories that correspond to the classifications that are listed in the print newspaper. They have the same name but not the classification numbers. For instance, 'wood for sale' is a sub-category of Miscellaneous Merchandise. The advantage of the online classifieds over the print version is that you can also enter a keyword such as 'wood' and find any ad online that has the word 'wood' in it."

Answer 2: Rich Landers, outdoors editor, said he received so many responses to his query for hunting stories that "I had to postpone publication until I figured out what to do with them. The first installment is set to run in Outdoors & Travel on Jan. 18."

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