All the latest prep scores are now available online

Question: I live down at LaCrosse and we do not get our paper until about noon. I like to know who won football and basketball games and so I go to check the Spokesman-Review's Web site early on Saturday and Sunday mornings and lately you can hardly ever find the scores. However I can go to the Seattle Times and they have all of the east side of the state scores. Why is that?

I would think that a supposedly reputable news source would want to keep up with the competition. It is bad enough that we have to sign in to read any of the articles and I thought that was to better help your readers. -- Sid Mays, LaCrosse

Answer: Have you tried going to our new Web page that lists all of the local prep basketball schedules and scores? The sports department works every game night to update scores on this page as soon as the coaches call in the scores. It's the database that's used to publish the scores in the next day's newspaper, so it's as complete as we can get, as quickly as the information becomes available to us. -- Ken Sands, managing editor of online and new media

Update: Thanks Ken, I appreciate the help. Looks like a good site. -- Sid Mays

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