Why won't reporters return my e-mail?

Question: Within the last month I have sent two e-mails to S/R reporters who have their e-mail address listed at the bottom of a column. I do not recall their name but the subjects were the following:

After the reporter wrote about studded tires, I asked her if the WSP should indicate if studs were used in an injury accident report (and reported to the public) just like seat belts.

The other was to the person who writes the real estate column. This involved, when residing in a small town, should property be listed in other/larger towns within the county besides with the hometown Realtor.This question was sent in on Dec. 29.

Are reporters required to respond to these e-mails?

(Also: I read in the S/R about "Ask the Editors." I typed in "www.spokesmanreview.com/editors" intending to ask the above questions. I ran into a brick wall. Possibly your directions can be a little more explicit.) -- Reg Morgan, Coulee Dam, Wash.

Answer 1: We ask reporters to respond to e-mails and voice mails whenever possible. We don't "require" them to respond because it would be very difficult to monitor and manage that given the number of inquiries we receive, but we do expect and encourage them to return calls and e-mails because we consider it an important and courteous customer service.

I will share your question about "Ask the Editors" with Ken Sands, who is coordinating that new effort. -- Gary Graham, managing editor

Answer 2: To submit questions to this column, you have several choices, all involving e-mail. Once you come to this page: www.spokesmanreview.com/editors, click on the words: "Submit your questions here" near the top left corner. That should generate an e-mail message to me, which I can then direct to any of the other editors. Or, you can click on the names of the editors listed in their biographies on the right column of this page, which should generate e-mail headers to them individually. Otherwise, you can e-mail any of us directly. Here are our addresses: steves@spokesman.com, garyg@spokesman.com, kens@spokesman.com, dougf@spokesman.com and carlas@spokesman.com. In addition, we will be more explicit in the message printed in the newspaper. Thanks for pointing that out. -- Ken Sands, managing editor of online and new media

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