Comics choices always controversial

Comment: The comics used to be the first piece of the Sunday paper I would read. Not any more! It was kind of refreshing to be greeted by Garfield, and as you finished the comics there was the Piranha Club. To me, "comics" are what they imply. Something light and easy to read and typically bringing out a chuckle or two.

Now you are forced to try and understand ridiculous gibberish in the Opus and for some unknown reason the Piranha Club was removed, which made wading through some of the other comics worthwhile. Not sure who is responsible for making these decisions but they are working at making the sunday comics fire-starter material. -- Robert Byars, Sandpoint

Response: Well, as editor, I have to take responsibility for the comics decisions, always among the most controversial decisions we'll make.

"Opus" was the most requested new comic in memory and has become one of the fastest growing. For its fans, it has not disappointed. Non-fans find it a bit inscrutable. But the positives far, far outweigh the negatives.

We dropped "Piranha Club" to make way for "Opus." It may have been our lest-read Suinday strip. We took only a handful of complaints, mostly people didn't notice.

Every strip has its fans. But some have far fewer than others. When we make a comics change, our goal is to please more people than we offend. I think we succeeded in this last round. -- Steve Smith, editor

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